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Beginner Program  101

Week 1:  The Idea and The Dummy
  A quick introduction to the children's Publishing
    industry and how it works
  The story arc, illustrated
  How to start a book project
  The anatomy of a book
  The concept of brainstorming sessions
  Project 1:  Brainstorming Aesop's Fables and
    creating a synopsis and dummy thumbnails for
    a picture book

Week 2Planning Your Artistic Direction
    and Illustrations
  Using reference for artistic inspiration
  Composition on a double page spread and the
    wandering eye
  "Camera Shots"
  What text in your story to use and how it fits
    on the illustrated page
  When you have a professional art director and
    editor working with you
  Project 2:  Refining your story and thumbnails
    (2nd Draft)

Week 3Convincing Characters and
  Developing mood and feeling in your book
  Knowing your style
  Knowing your characters
  Professional people-watching for your book
  Project 3:  Refining your story and thumbnails
    (3rd Draft)

Week 4Working Up From Your Thumbnails
  Going from thumbnails to Rough art
  Keeping unity on every page
  Project 4:  'Working in the Rough'
    (students may work digitally or traditionally from
    here to week 8)

Week 5Refining Your Roughs
  Knowing when you are falling away from your
  Project 5:  'Working in the Rough' (2nd Draft)

Week 6A Convincing Cover
  How a cover catches attention
  The spine and back cover are just as
    important as the front cover
  Project 6:  Designing your book cover

Week 7Cleaning up your act
  Project 7:  The last stages of the Picture Book

Week 8Color!
  Choosing which final piece of art to color and
  Thinking about publishers
  Adding extras to your Book Dummy for
    publishers to see
  Project 8:  Adding color and artist statements
    to your Picture Book Dummy

Week 9The Pitch and Final Crit
  The Art of the Pitch
  In class pitch, critique and discussion

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