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Art Animation
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Hello, my name is Dale Desrochers.
Welcome to my school!

My mission with the school, is to fill the large void
I see in art training in Toronto, Canada, with
very Accessible, Comprehensive, Quality,
Affordable & Fully Disclosed
art instructional programs.

I have chosen the school instructors
for their expertise, patience, dedication
and greatest desire to have you understand & remember the concepts and logic behind
everything you learn in class, so that you can
apply the knowledge & skills you acquired,
also outside of the classroom.

Programs Offered Are...
Accessible: No portfolio or previous art training
  required to register!

Comprehensive: Many programs are offered
  for those interested in the Visual Arts, as well
  as for those in, or pursing a career in Animation.

Talented, knowledgeable & professional
Affordable: $345 (HST not charged)
  Some programs have added expenses.
Fully Disclosed:
  - Each program instructor is profiled.
See the instructors artistic abilities with many
examples of their own work.
  - Know exactly what you will learn in each
    program overview.

If you are not able to come to some of the
classes you paid for (for whatever reason),
you are welcome to attend those missed
classes for FREE whenever they
are scheduled again.

You will receive $50 for EACH person you
refer, that takes a Beginner Program at
the same time as you.
Learn together and save!


2018  www.AAST.ca

Owner, Director
& Instructor:

Dale Desrochers

If you take
any program(s)
in my school,
I am whole-


to making sure

your learning
experience is
very pleasant
& rewarding!

for my own
program, can
be found here.

Please contact
me for any
reason you may
have, regarding
my school @
(647) 436-1077

Thank you
and have a
great day!