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Program Overview


Beginner Program  101

   WEEK 1

  What are Storyboards? Brief History
  Purpose of Storyboards
  Storyboard Formats
  Storyboarding Terms & Labelling
  Types of Shots - Why We Use Them
  Types of Angles - What They Mean
  Studies from Reference
  Quick Character Doodles

   WEEK 2

  Line of Action
  Acting and Character Performance
  Simple Action Doodles
  Beat Boards

   WEEK 3

  Rule of Thirds
  Rhythm & Flow
  Eye Direction
  Studies from Reference
  Project 1:
    Storyboard an Event From Your Past

   WEEK 4
  Critique Student Work
  The 180 Degree Rule
  Axis Crossing 1
  Moving Camera
  Studies from Reference

   WEEK 5

  Cutting - What Motivates a Cut
  Continuity - Match Cuts
  Script Analysis
  Project 2:
    One Character Storyboard

   WEEK 6

  Critique Student Work
  Clean Up Boards
  Interior & Exterior Perspective Drawing
  Objects and Character
  Studies from Reference

   WEEK 7
  Creating Depth in Framing Shots
  Foreground, Background & Middle Ground
  Multi Plane
  Studies from Reference
  Project 3:
    Two Character Storyboard

   WEEK 8
  Critique Student Work
  Axis Crossing 2 - Neutral Camera
  Three Character Interactions
  Moving Subjects -
    Maintaining Screen Direction
  Project 4:
    Beat Board Rough
    Complex Storyboard with Action & Dialogue

   WEEK 9
  Critique Student Work
  Script Breakdown
  Pitching the Board
  Project 5:
    Final Clean of Beat Board
  Feedback & Critique

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Cilbur Rocha